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About Maderotherapy

MADEROTHERAPY – Anti – cellulite massage and body shaping


Maderotherapy (therapy with wooden instruments) is a therapy originating from Colombia and based on the use of anatomically designed tools of wood which make the therapy 100% natural without allergic reactions to the skin. This therapy is an alternative to regular massage for clients with disproportionate, fat deposits and cellulite.
The advantage of using specially designed wooden instrumentsis to enable intense pressure on fibrous cellulite and the removal of fat deposits together with other toxins.
The technique of maderotherapy involves a series of movements that are repeated using more than ten different wooden instruments. Applying these instruments to muscles, fat deposits and cellulite, we stimulate the lymphatic system of the body and thereby we release it from accumulated toxins. This release from toxins stimulates the metabolism to burn fat.Also, resistant cellulite pockets are destroyed, the skin swelling decreases and the “orange peel syndrome” is leveled.

Maderotherapy is recommended for:

  • Body and mind relaxation
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Acceleration of metabolism
  • Cellulite removal
  • Fat burning
  • Tonus and body tightening
  • Reduction of volume
Body Maderotherapy

Massage reach out deep inside the skin, which activates the cells from the inside. Therefore, the maderotherapy is particularly effective for:

  • Reduction of waste
  • Elimination of sitting part of the hips
  • Defining legs
  • Tightening the thighs and legs
  • Reducing the volume of the stomach

In which period of time can maderotherapy be applied?

Treatments are applied by principle 10 messages in one series. The best day to start the first message will be the second day after the end of the period. The first results can be expected after a couple of massages but for real and long-term effects, at least three series must be achieved.

Massages are done every, possibly every other day. If there are sensitive and painful areas, the first three massages can be done every other day, and then we continue every day.

How long does the massage last?

Massage can last for 30 minutes where legs and gluteus are treated, and if the stomach and waist are included as well then the message lasts 45 minutes.

To whom we do not recommend Maderotherapy?

We do not recommend maderotherapy to pregnant women, nursing mothers and the women who just gave birth and do not breastfeed advise them to wait for at least 4 months to restore the hormonal balance in order to have full effect of maderotherapy.

We do not do treatment during the period.

Also, people with extremely expressed capillaries and veins are advised to come on consultations although if the condition is normal, the maderotherapy will be very pleasing because it will stimulate circulation and blood flow.

Is the massage painful and can bruises come out?

The first couple of massages can be painful, and then massages become very relaxing.
The bruises are not inherent to this massage but can occur in hypersensitivity in the first series as well as in the incompetent handling of wooden instruments.

Facial maderotherapy

Rejuvenation and care therapy for face, neck, and cleavage.

Maderotherapy is the perfect choice for those who want to get rid of stress. This is a relaxing massage with surprising results in age prevention.
This massage, in addition to relaxing the mind and facial muscles, is good for people who have migraines, as well as for those who spend a lot of time working in front of a computer and their eyes become tense.
Therapy is a non-invasive method where wrinkles are treated, the face becomes brighter and free from toxins.

Using wooden instruments we reach deep into the skin in order to achieve facial remodeling, as well as to activate fibroblasts that will produce more collagen and elastic fibers. Certain movements influence on the muscle tissue, the circulatory and lymphatic system, which increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the cells.

How many massages are necessary?

Therapies can be used as part of a classic treatment, where each individual message will have its own effect.If we want to make a more concrete result, it is recommendable to do 6 – 10 massages in one series every other day. After the age 50, the series should be repeated immediately next month, followed by maintenance.

Duration of the therapy?

The therapy session lasts 30 minutes and involves peeling, adjustable mask according to the to the client’s needs for 60 minutes.

  • Tightening and tonus, lifting effect
  • Facial reshaping
  • Production of elastin and collagen
  • Improvement of circulation
  • Increase in oxygen supply
  • Refreshments and equalizing of the ten
  • Prevention of aging of the face
  • Decrease „bags“ and swelling below the eyes

Healthy face skin will be the real result if you choose Maderotherapy!


The first in Serbia and the region, we started to hold training for Maderotherapy, which is characterized by professionalism, speciality and full commitment to each student

Theory & Practice

The training consists of a theoretical and practical part

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Maderotherapy training

Training is held by Ivan Mitrovic, senior physiotherapist

Professional set

Every participant receives a professional set of wood elements with which the entire body can work with training, because beside the legs and gluteus we also work on the stomach, arms and back

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Up to two attendees

Up to two trainees on the training, which ensures rigorous and safe learning of the technique

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Provided literature

The participants receive a book on Maderotherapy with all information relevant to the technique

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Certified certificate

At the end of the training, successful students receive a certificate with a trademark and brand as a confirmation of the acquired knowledge in the field of Maderotherapy

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